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TeamBinder, your web-based project collaboration solution

TB-Collaboration-400X380-EnTeamBinder is an advanced internet-based project collaboration solution that enables all parties on a project to communicate and share project documents in a controlled environment.

With all your project information managed and maintained on a secure, open platform, project participants are able to focus on the successful delivery of the project on-time and within budget.

Deploying TeamBinder on your projects can lead to a direct increase in productivity, reduced risk and considerable savings in both time and money.

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TeamBinder provides:

24 Hour secure access from anywhere to all project drawings and documents via a centralised document register.

Reduced document upload times and printing costs with Excel and AutoCad integration for fast and accurate document uploading and distribution.

Reduced document approval and review turnaround times via the online document approval process.

Immediate access to the latest information via automated document distribution and email notifications.

Improved accountability by managing all project communications like Requests for Information and Site Instructions to improve turn around times between project questions and answers.

Simplified documentation handover to your customers by archiving documents at project completion.

Unlimited user access means that all project participants are included.

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